MOG Glossary of Terms

Automated Asset Pipeline:
An automated pipeline for the purpose of processing, converting, preparing, versioning, packaging and the delivery of electronic data files for a given Project.

A unique name or container for an electronic data file or collection of related electronic data files.

Asset Properties:
Project defined properties for an Asset that is used by the Automated Asset Pipeline and the data preparation process.

Batch processing of tasks by a computer, in which processing-intensive activities are perfromed on a group , rather than being processed one unit at a time.

Bless Asset:
The act of submitting the Asset to the Master Repository.

Blessed Asset:
An Asset that has been added to the Master Repository and associated within a Branch of the Project.

Bless Target:
Defined target of a Bless action allowing the Asset to be channeled to a specific location or inbox.

Branch contains the appropriate version of each Blessed Asset of a Project at a given point in time. Branches allow for simultaneous development of multiple versions of the same Project.

Custom Application Import Scripts:
A tool or script written for an external application for the sole purpose of Importing an Asset.

Custom Importing Tool:
Project defined Tool/Script executed during the Import of an Asset.

Custom Slave Tasker Tool:
Project defined Tool/Script executed as the Slave Tasker.

Custom Slave Task Tool:
Project defined Tool/Script executed to process the Slave Task.

Custom Packaging Tool:
Project defined Tool/Script executed to package the Asset's electronic data files into its associated packages.

Group or ungroup Assets for easier Asset management and grouped actions within the Automated Asset Pipeline.

Import Asset:
The act of adding electronic data files to the Automated Asset Pipeline as an Asset.

The place that allows the manipulation and property changes of a Working or Unblessed Asset before being added to the Master Repository. A place where Team Members can share and collaborate with each other when using Working or Unblessed Assets. A place where Asset Properties can be modified and tested before blessing to the Master Repository.

The process of copying an asset into the MOG system.

The repetition of a definable process of preparing, exporting, and viewing of a game asset within a computer program. It can be used both as a general term, synonymous with repetition, and to describe a specific form of repetition with a mutable state.

Locally Updated Asset:
A unique version of a given Asset that will overwrite the Local Branch's version allowing the Local Branch to use any Working or Unblessed Assets.

Local Workspace:
A local copy of the Project's electronic data for a given Branch.

Lock/Unlock Asset:
The method used to prevent multiple Team Members from accessing/working on the same asset simultaneously.

Master Repository:
A collection of Blessed assets and all their revisions for a given Project.

A group or conglomeration of electronic data to a single file.

Package Management:
The process of associating an Asset with one or more packages.

Package Tasker:
The creation of Package Tasks used in packaging the Asset into it's associated packages.

Package Task:
The task of packaging electronic data files into a specific package from a Slave or networked computer.

A process or flow of converting electronic data files from one format/location to another.

Process or Rip Asset:
The preparation and conversion of the Asset's electronic data file or files from one state to another.

Project defines valid asset types, Team Members or Users, Blessed Assets and specific tools used in the Asset Processing stage of the Automated Asset Pipeline.

A list of Assets generated from the Master Repository.

Roll Asset between revisions:
The process of tagging a specific revision of a Blessed Asset to any particular Branch or Branches.

Networked computer that performs various commands as well as assist in the data preparation process of Assets in the Automated Asset Pipeline.

Slave Task:
A task that can be executed by a Slave or networked computer.

Slave Tasker:
A process of partitioning a larger or more complex task into smaller distributable Slave Tasks.

Source Data Editor
A native editor for a particular source data extension or file type. I.e Autodesks 3D Studio Max, Adobe's Photoshop CS.

Versioned Asset:
Any Blessed revision of an Asset.

Working or UnBlessed Asset:
An asset that is in a working state or one that has not yet been added to the Master Repository.

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