Mog Late Resolver Technology

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Most Unreal users are familiar with a situation where missing references will cause 'broken links'. Broken links are most commonly caused when packages are shared out of order, or when a team member neglects to commit a package, or when rolling back to previous versions of packages.

As Unreal opens packages it resolves object-to-object references. Whenever a specified object cannot be found, that reference is nulled out and the user is warned about the broken reference. Users can either continue to work in this package leaving the null references which results in lost work or halt production until the missing references can be located. Larger teams may experience broken links more frequently than smaller teams simply because there are more cooks in the kitchen.

Mogware's LateResolver Technology enables Unreal to track broken references and even restores them automatically when the missing objects are later found. LateResolvers make it easy for artists to visually see, interact with and fix broken links.

Late Resolver Objects are placed next to each object that contains a broken reference and visually shows the user the broken link and missing object.

Users have the option to interact with LateResolver objects like any other Unreal object. They can see it's properties and even edit the broken link so it can be manually resolved with another object.

For Information on how to obtain Mog LateResolver Technology contact Mogware at 801-769-0203

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