Intrinsic benefits to development teams

  • MOG allows the commit target of each user to be adjusted in real-time for customized workflow
  • MOG facilitates creative collaboration by allowing smaller strike teams of 2 or more content creators to share assets without impacting entire team
  • MOG utilizes ‘Classifications’ to create easy grouping of assets that can be batched, tuned, or converted as a group at any later point in development
  • MOG versions data using asset containers which can be made up of one or more game files making it one of the best solutions for managing game content
  • MOG streamlines complex workflows down to a single click using the custom toolbox

Benefits to UE3 development teams

  • MOG automates and batches the UE3 import process
  • MOG allows multiple UE3 users to be actively contributing to a single package
  • MOG handles UE3 package assignments allowing teams to easily assign assets to multiple packages for load optimization purposes
  • MOG allows UE3 packages to contain broken links to missing assets that will be reattached automatically when the missing asset is located.
  • MOG tracks ALL changes to UE3 packages at an atomic level allowing rollbacks, reporting and collaboration
  • MOG allows teams to rebuild UE3 packages at any point at the click of a mouse
  • MOG allows UE3 teams to preprocess individual assets for each platform and track platform-specific packages.
  • MOG allows UE3 teams to introduce intermediate formats into the Unreal art pipeline
  • MOG (potentially) allows UE3 teams to update their data in a live and running version of their game maximizing content creator efficiency without the need of shortcuts or backdoor methods
  • MOG allows UE3 teams to selectively ROLL BACK individual items within a package. When you roll back a whole package you can only go so far before you find broken links and adverse effects on package to package interdependencies

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