Advanced data conversion tool.

The MogBox is a powerful processing chain with a visual flowchart-style interface for building complex data conversion scripts enabling you to more easily manage and automate your 3D data conversions. Furthermore, Mogbox is a multi threaded application that enables you to maximize multicore processors.

MogBox technology was designed to be an independent tool that can be used within Mog Pipeline or any of your own custom builds, scripts or workflow automation philosophies.

Feature MogBox
Poly Reduction (Decimation)
Mesh Merging
Texture Combining
Texture Reduction
Texture Converter
UV Remapping
Geometry Culler
Skeleton Merging
Skeleton bone remover
Bone Influence Limiter
FTP Uploader
Ability to embed any existing executable or tool

Supported File Formats:

  • NIF(Gamebryo)
  • DirectX
  • 3DS
  • FBX
  • OBJ
  • DXF

Supported Game Engines and Virtual Worlds:

  • Multiverse
  • Active Worlds
  • Gamebryo

Using the MogBox designer, build your conversion chain by dragging and dropping component icons and linking them.

MogBox includes an output log showing a more detailed status and progress of each component.

Embed MogBox functionality into any editor build process or exporter with a clean progress bar.

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