MOG's Mission

MOG's greatest strength is the fact that it was conceived during active game development. The programming team identified three major obstacles to making a good game and began devising a solid solution. The three obstacles were:

  • Developing for multiple platforms is draining and time-consuming for a single team
  • "Discovery" of a great game was hindered by distractions
  • Safety of the build was too easily compromised by "3:00 AM mistakes."

In reaction to these obstacles, we drafted what we call our Seven Prime Beliefs.

These beliefs have dictated our engineering goals, design discussions, and feature schedules for what MOG is now and where MOG is going.

MOGware has created an asset pipeline that philosophically differs from its competitors. Rather than a monolithic build system, MOG is a process-centric asset pipeline delivering source assets to target platforms one asset at a time.

MOG frees the content creators to manipulate assets without the need of complex processes, while at the same time guarantees the programmers that the data will be prepared perfectly each time the asset is revisioned.

Seven Prime Beliefs:

Fast Iteration

Fast iterations produce exceptional content and improve team production. Nothing should be more complicated than a single click.


Simple, reusable and dependable automation of mundane or overly complex tasks will provide better workflow and a more solid build.

Atomic-level Processing

Every asset should be processed according to its own needs and requirements.

Full Asset Versioning

Each and every asset, tool and build in a product deserves complete and independent tracking and accountability. Asset + Tools = Product.

Game Creation

Every project must be able to create a pipeline entirely unique from other projects.

Custom Tools

Game developers are reliant on custom tools. We believe that in the use of these tools, developers create the most optimized, innovative, and fun games. We do not want to eliminate their tools, we aim to facilitate them.


Each team member must have the ability to share, view, and experiment with assets outside of a build system.

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