Mog Complete

The complete solution, includes the entire suite of Mogware products.

Low monthly subscription-level pricing starting at $15/month.

Feature Mog Library Mog Pipeline Mog Complete
Check-out/Check-in Style Asset Management
Convenient Edit/Edit With Buttons
Artist Friendly Interface
Live Status Indicators
Tree Level Asset Control
Asset Rollback
Asset and Tree Level Locks
Auto-Thinning Repositories
Multi-Project Support
Batch Asset Importing
Branch Support
Command Line Support
Lateral Asset Sharing
Workflow Automation of Intermediate Data
Multi-Platform Configurable Toolbox
Multi-platform Configurable Local Workspaces
Slave Level Distributive Asset Processing
In-Game Integration
Proprietary Project Tool Integration
$15/month per seat

Why Use Mog Complete?

  • MOG is made specifically to deal with the issues inherent in developing for consoles
  • Artists get to make art with no need to be technical
  • Fast Iterations
  • See your changes in the game within seconds with a single click
  • Find safety in the build by allowing each user to test content before submitting it to the game. Remove the element of human error.
  • Backing up of Data
  • Projects that use MOG will see a significant increase in the team's overall efficiency and quality of work
  • MOG is designed to be be customized to fit the specific needs of any project

Whether you are using a proprietary in-house or commercial game engine, MOG provides many benefits.

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To see some examples of engines we have integrated with, including information about our work with Epic's Unreal 3 Engine, go to our integration page.

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