What is MOG?

MOG is a blend of Asset Management, Version Control, and Automation.

MOG also has strong emphasis on providing great team collaboration and enabling true synchronous multi-platform development. Through our unique blending of these components, we enable the safer and faster creation of better games.


When is the right time to integrate MOG? Anytime. MOG has been designed to enable teams to simply import their existing game project and begin working in minutes.


With the ever-increasing number of assets in a game, a powerful asset management solution has become critical. Offering much more than just a standard check-in/check-out solution, MOG assures that your assets will always be prepared correctly, providing you with a safer way of making games.


With MOG, you gain an automated one-click solution to get assets from any source editor (Photoshop, Maya, etc) into the game as it is running. Developing simultaneously for multiple platforms is now possible for teams of any size. With all this, along with our distributive processing, MOG enables the process of making games to be faster than ever.


Utilizing MOG's "Lateral Asset Sharing" technology, teams can now collaborate at a level not possible before. Through seamless team collaboration, combined with our methods for making game development safer and faster, using MOG as your pipeline will enable you to make better games.

To see video tutorials about some of MOG's most popular features, see our Videos page found under the Support section of our site.

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