• Cut Production Time by 10-20%
  • Save over $500,000
  • Improve the Quality of the Product

With the continual increase in asset counts and complexity, MOG outfits teams with an architecture specifically designed to alleviate the scalability issues of today’s asset pools, as well as the asset pools of the future. It maximizes production time by limiting the adverse effects of poorly managed assets. Not only does workflow improve, teams can now focus their resources towards better gameplay with richer environments and more refined content instead of developing and maintaining their own pipeline solution.

Content creators enjoy a faster turn around time. MOG enhances their creative output by buffering them from repetitive processes and procedures. In fact, not only will the content creators have less repetitive tasks to perfom, the automation will remove the possibility for human error, making for a more solid build at all times.

Case Study

The following case study was performed to identify the estimated amount of time saved by each team member when using the MOG pipeline. Each team member was observed in both MOG and non-MOG environments as they performed repetitive steps common in their daily workflow. The report demonstrates a significant time savings across the entire team.

*Important Note: This case study only factored in what could be quantified and measured by timing certain repetitive tasks. Actual savings will be considerably larger because MOG promotes better team synergy and collaboration along with an overall improvement in data quality that can not be accurately measured.

For example, a texture artist was observed in the following daily actions:

  • Find and check-out original source art asset located in the project.
  • Open art asset into Photoshop.
  • Export art asset as desired format.
  • Check-out package file
  • Locate and load desired package file in Editor.
  • Locate and import exported art file into Editor.
  • Restore any object properties within Editor.
  • Check-in package file
  • Check-in art file

As you can see, there are many actions this texture artist must perform while working on an asset for a game. MOG manages this entire process, allowing the artist to spend more time being creative.

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