MOG has been proven as a powerful and invaluable tool over the past four years in active game development for a variety of companies. Here is just a sampling of the reactions of those who have been using it.

Trilogy Studios

"MOG is all about making production iterations faster, cleaner, and more accurate. It is a one-click solution." - Robin Johnson, Sr. Technical Artist

Glyphx Games

"MOG frees the artists from painful repetitive mindless processes. Artists are able to focus more on what they want to do...create content." - Tony Morrill, Artist

"MOG was invaluable during the creation and testing of Advent Rising. It gave us unprecedented control over the formidable job of asset management, and allowed us the ability to integrate changes and refinements into the game quickly and reliably. Artists and programmers alike found MOG both easy to use and understand." - Todd Sheridan, CEO

Sensory Sweep

"I still remember how to do it the old way, but I can't think why. MOG makes things I need to do easier and less painful. " - Nathan Anderson, Data Manager

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