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Follow the links below to read up on what is being said about using middleware in game development.

IGDA panel talks middleware

Content-driven Trends

In the September issue of Game Developer Magazine, the article "Closer to Evolving - Trends in Programming" talks about a more recent trend where "development of a game seems to be more heavily driven by the creation of content." Pick up a physical copy or buy a digital copy of the magazine at .

The Rise of Middleware 2.0

"I think this generation of consoles can be summed up by the phrase 'tools matter'," says Freescale's Roger Edgar. "Being cross-console will be a key to winning the hearts of developers. If you make the developer's life easier and you can reduce the cost of production you will go a long way." Read the full article at .

Acacia Research Group

"Game developers really cannot afford to keep building each title from the ground up as they have done in the past." The Group also found that " studios seek to mitigate the risk associated with developing games, middleware penetration should go as high as 65 to 75 percent."

Interactive Entertainment Industry Report

"Middleware and development tools can significantly reduce the cost of creating games..."

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