Creating a game is no simple task. You need a great idea, a talented team to make it happen, and many other components that need to line up just right to make it successful. During the creation process, you want to make every penny count. You need to minimize the risks and maximize your time.

MOGware's goal is to streamline processes and allow everyone on the team to focus on where they are most valuable. Programmers can worry less about the small stuff and manage the process much more efficiently. Artists can stay where they are most comfortable: creating art. There is no need for them to perform technical tasks.

It is said that great games don't get made, they get discovered. We at MOGware are providing tools that will free up time and resources for game developers so they can spend more time "discovering." That is our primary goal. After all, we are gamers and are always waiting to see what great game gets "discovered" next.

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